First Visit

At the first appointment the patient will be requested to complete several forms to provide us with general information as well as medical and dental history. The doctor will then conduct a thorough clinical examination and explain what treatment, if any, in indicated.

There are several possibilities:

  1. The patient may be too young for treatment and will be reevaluated periodically;
  2. The patient may be too young for comprehensive treatment, but in need of minor treatment;
  3. Full braces may be needed to correct the problem; and finally
  4. No treatment may be indicated.

If treatment of any type is to begin, diagnostic records will be required. The records, which are necessary for us to definitively diagnose the problem, include models of the teeth, x-rays of the teeth and jaws and photographs. Time permitting, the diagnostic records may be made at the initial appointment. However, since this requires thirty minutes to one hour to complete, a separate appointment is often arranged.



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